2013 Slalom

There were more than 20 cars making up to 5 runs apiece on the three lap Slalom course laid out by the Jaguar Club at the Front Range Airport.  Ralph M. and Mark B. each drove their TR6's, Frank O. ran his TR-8 and Gordon K. ran in his Chevy VOLT which recorded the first time ever for a electric car in this event.  In addition, there were Audi's, Porsche's, Toyota's, a Ford Escort rental car, a late model Boss 302 Mustang and several Jaguars both new and old.  The course is a low-gear course of laps of a "doggie bone", a "figure eight" and finishing with a "oval".  Times ranges from low 40 seconds up to 60.  Knocking over a cone was a 2 second penalty.   

At noon we had a cooperative lunch and then finished up our laps.  A good time was had by all.     

                                                     by Gordon K.