Our trip to Cripple Creek on August 4th was well attended with a total of 22 people and 12 cars making the run. We had some difficulties on the way with getting separated in traffic, car breakdown and a giant art show in Woodland Park where we we to meet for a pit stop-but no place to park!  Just outside of Divide Wally Gambles'  TR3a was running rough, so he did a roadside tuneup with a change of spark plugs and adjustment of the carburetors. We had a nice lunch at Maggies' in Cripple Creek ( we filled four tables), but it took a long time to get served.

After lunch some of our group took off for the tables and slots while some of us, after looking at the nasty, threatening skies decided to return early. On the return trip Wally had more problems with his car. It seemed to be running on only two cylinders. We stopped just out of Buffalo Creek while Wally did a roadside valve adjustment. He pulled the valve cover and found that one of the four studs that hold the rocker arm assemblies in position had fractured, leaving the broken parts rattling around in the oil galley of the head! Wally very ingeniously re-torqued the remaining three studs, adjusted the valve lash, put the valve cover back on and we were on our way!

Ralph Malewska