2013 Moonlight Drive

Moonlight Drive, July 20, 2013

For the 18th year the group gathered at the home of the Kenney’s in Foxfield for the annual “Moonlight Drive” although it’s actually a “dinner” not a “drive”.  There were five Triumphs in the driveway and other cars of note included two Jag’s, a Mustang and two electric VOLT’s.   

After lots of conversation and other socializing we enjoyed a pot-luck dinner and although it didn’t rain the wind blew hard enough to make it interesting. 

As it began getting dark many  of the clouds went away so we set up the telescope and looked at the craters on the nearly full moon. 

Included in the group were the Augustine’s in their white TR-3; it was their first outing with the TR3 since they lost their home in the recent Black Forest fire.  Also, John Allen and Chuck Daldry were welcomed as new members to the club.

                                                                                                By Gordon K.