Highway Pickup July 19, 2014

Rod Tomkins again organized a great Highway Pickup Event for the two mile stretch of highway near Rollinsville.  The photo of the "Lucas Dozen" above shows the wide variety of our cars even though they are all Trimphs.

We had a grand day for our annual burst of civic duty. Blue skies, warm temperatures, and little wind, perfect. Though it did get warm on the downhill run! We started with 18 eager participants, however this number was to be reduced to 15, by car problems (Triumphs?) of the vapor locking and fuel pump malfunctioning variety. However we bravely “Kept Calm and Carried On”. We cleaned our section of the highway above Rollinsville, secured our “treasures", and started formulating extravagant claims for the Recycling, Restoring, and Repurposing of rubbish for potential Triumph use. However all the creative thinking was to no avail as a found twenty dollar bill was judged and popularly acclaimed as the best example of aforesaid Recycling, Restoring, and Repurposing.  Terry Hughes was a two time winner in that he was $20 richer for his efforts and his name will be inscribed for posterity on the coveted Highway Cleanup Trophy. Lunch was on the deck at the Wondervu Cafe with good service, good food, and great companionship. I am trusting that everyone returned home without undue drama.


  ...posted by Gordon K. 7-21-2014