Below you will find technical links to help you work on your Triumph.  If you decide to follow the advice of anything on the below links, you do so at your own risk. We need to all thank Buckeye Triumphs and Long Island Triumphs Association (LITA) for their hard work in putting this info out for all to enjoy!

TR250 and TR6 Brakes:

  1. Theory & Overview

  2. Overhauling Brake Master Cylinder & PDWA

  3. Overhauling Brake Servo

  4. Overhauling Pedal Assembly

  5. Overhauling Front Brakes

  6. Overhauling Rear Brakes

  7. Overhauling Handbrake

  8. Overhauling Brake Pipes

  9. Selecting Brake Fluid

  10. Bleeding & Adjusting Brakes

TR250 and TR6 Carburetors:

  1. Part I - Disassembly & Theory

  2. Part II – The Overhaul

  3. Part III – Reinstall, Tune and Troubleshooting

  4. Powder Coating ZS Carbs

  5. Replacing Fixed Needles with Adjustable Needles

  6. Air/Fuel Monitor

  7. Using Air/Fuel Monitor

TR250 and TR6 Clutch:

  1. Reliable Clutch

  2. Clutch Checklist

  3. Clutch Release Calculations

  4. Clutch Release Measurements

  5. Removing Broken Clutch Fork Pins

  6. Clutch Operating Shaft Overhaul (and that nasty pin)

  7. Clutch Hydraulics Overhaul

  8. Sticky Clutch

  9. Clutch Release Bearing Woes

GT6 Clutch:   Chirping GT6 Throw Out Bearing

TR250 and TR6 Gearbox:

  1. Disassembly

  2. Overhaul Part 1

  3. OverhaulPart 2

  4. Cover Overhaul

  5. Adding OD Isolator Switches to Gearbox Top Cover

  6. Gearbox Lubricants


A Type Overdrive:

  1. Theory

  2. Disassembly

  3. Reassembly

  4. Final Assembly and Testing

  5. Troubleshooting

J Type Overdrive:

  1. Part I - Theory

  2. Part II - Disassembly

  3. Part III - Reassembly

  4. Part IV -Testing & Troubleshooting

  5. Adapting J Type Overdrives to Early Frames


TR250 and TR6 Steering and Suspension:

  1. Adjusting Rear Suspension Camber

  2. Rear Suspension Geometry


Additional Documents

Why did the Wheel fall off? by Bob Waldeck

Some common cures to Engine Run-on or Dieseling by Bob Waldeck

Is your car using excessive amounts of damper pot oil in the carb's? by Bob Waldeck

Build your own Emergency Hood Release before the cable breaks by Bob Waldeck

Confused by the "different" recommendations on how to set the timing on your TR6? by Bob Waldeck

Heater Control Valve

Speedometer Repair by Anthony Rhodes

An explanation of standard vs high performance ignition coils

How to rebuild and Re-calibrate your Temperature Compensator by Bob Waldeck

Tony Vigliotti's pet project involving making a standard TR6 six inches wider. 

The ultimate Triumph Reference by Jay Welsh

Wiring Diagrams for all of the Triumphs

Parts Reference for Zenith Stromberg Carbs