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In the middle of winter? Why yes!. Some background...We are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Sir John Black. Sir John was born on February 10, 1895. He served as a Captain in the Royal Tank Regiment in WW 1. He was one of the youngest. After the war he took a management position with Hillman Motors, later becoming managing director (CEO). Following that he took the same position with Standard Motor Company. He was active in WW 2 in manufacturing for the war effort and was knighted by King George VI for his efforts. He purchased Triumph in 1944 and along came the Standard Vanguard followed by the TR 2 and the rest of the TR line. He was the man most responsible for the postwar success of Triumph. He died in 1965.
We will celebrate, contingent on the weather, with a drive and a lunch. We will meet at the RTD Park-n-Ride at Wadsworth and Hampden with a planned departure for 11:00 am. Don’t be late! Here’s where it gets tricky. We have three options.
Option A, for good weather and dry roads, is to drive to Keys on the Green by Evergreen Lake for lunch and a group photo op.
Option B, for snowy/icy roads up Bear Creek Canyon, but dry/wet roads in town is to stay in town and lunch at the Breckenridge Brewery, also with a group photo op.
Option C, for snowy/icy roads here in town is to raise the garage door, take a photo, and send it to Dave Durstine, Triumph Herald Editor, at; and/or to Rye Livingston of the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club at for possible inclusion in the Vintage Triumph Newsmagazine.
Let’s pray and plan for Option A. Please RSVP Rod at with a head count for the purpose of our lunch reservation.