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Sat 28 June MOUNT EVANS DRIVE !!!!

IF YOU LOVE TO DRIVE DONT MISS THIS ONE......                                                                Jeff and Marla Otto have planned a fantastic drive up to the top of Mount Evans (Weather permitting) If you haven't been up there in a while this is the drive for you.   I am sure you know Mount Evans is the highest paved road in North America but did you know it is also the # 2 of 146 Denver area attractions on Trip Advisor.......   Miles and miles of twisty roads for our LBC's and fantastic scenery.  It will be a wonderful drive!!

DETAILS:  We will meet at 08.30 at the Upper Parking lot of Red Rocks Amphitheater and leave around 0900 or so.

Our route will be Morrison Canyon to Evergreen parkway, from there we will go towards Bergen Park. We will head west at the Mount Evans sign which takes us up squaw mountain pass - one of the twistiest roads in the US.    At Echo Lake we will take a left up Mount Evans Road. For those who do not want to stop but just drive through you do not need to pay the fee.  Coming back down make a left at the Echo Lake lodge and head down to Idaho Springs.  On main Street take a right and go 2 blocks to Tommy Knockers for Lunch.

I suggest bringing a camera - the views are fantastic,  don't forget a full tank of petrol, sunscreen, water and a jacket!!!  You may also want to print this out for driving directions.  Please feel free to Contact Jeff & Marla with questions etc. Or ring 720.963.0659 


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